This article is about Sara, the game character. You may be looking for the anime character Sara Asano.

Sara (サラ) was a cat yōkai[1] who worked with Lord Gorai for building an enormous fortress at Mount Mansetsu.


Sara used the villagers from Yamasachi Village by using a mystical spell called Demon Blood Binding Spell to control them to build a fortress. It was found by Inuyasha and the others at Sara's lair and Sara tried to defeat them, but it turned out oppositely and forced herself to leave her lair and lived at New Moon Cave.

At the later story, Sara kidnapped Miroku, Kagome, Sango and Shippō when Inuyasha and the other people entered the cave. At the exact moment Sesshōmaru and his followers met Sara, who tried to used Sea God's Kamuitama by using Demon Blood Binding Spell again. Sara intended to defeat Sesshōmaru and Janis, unfortunately she was killed during the battle.

Powers and abilities

Sara has the power of her cherry blossom petals, similar to Shunran's.


"I guess that's the last of them. What a pathetic village. They didn't even put a good fight."

"Huh? Who are you?! You're nothing but a human monk. How dare you defy the great Sara! Let's see a half-demon, a baby fox... That's quite a group you've there. Too bad there isn't a skilled fighter among you."

"Hmph. Dogs are so persistent. How far do you plan on chasing after me? Or are you not satisfied with the three girls you're traveling with? Let me guess, you want me for yourself?"

"Come on now! I was only joking...but it seems your hands are already full with a mere human. I guess it's only natural, you being a half-demon and all."

"Oh, I don't know. What happened to all those tough words that you were saying earlier?"

"Hah! Right, then! Let's settle this, you half-demon dog!"


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