Sara's Lair was a location in the video game Secret of the Divine Jewel. It was a cave that was in the mountains between Yamasachi Village and Sakata Village.


The cat yōkai Sara had captured all of the people from Yamasachi Village and was controlling them with the Demon Blood Binding Spell. Inuyasha and his friends confronted Sara. She was surprised to see the vessel of kamui. Inuyasha was about to attack her, but Miroku first wanted to know more about Datara from her. Sara told them that they would have to come and get her at her lair. She left and had her yōkai minions attack Inuyasha and his friends.

Inuyasha and the others defeated the yōkai and went on to Sara's lair to rescue the villagers. They found them with Sara and confronted her, but she was able to escape. Inuyasha was about to pursue her before the villagers got in his way. As they tried to figure out what was wrong with the villagers, Janis and Kagome noticed a red jewel near them. Kikyō arrived that villagers were under the control of the Demon Blood Binding Spell and that the jewels contained the villagers human blood. The only way to save them was to destroy the jewels using the Kamuitama. Janis was able to save everyone and they all returned to Yamasachi Village. In the meantime, Sara has fled to the New Moon Cave.

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