This article is about Seikai's pupil. You may be looking for the girl who befriends Kikyō, Sayo.

Sayo (さよ) was Seikai's apprentice who witnessed his master being killed by Kikyō and ran away in fear. He was later found unconscious by Kagome while he was floating down the stream. He was rescued by Inuyasha. He initially got scared when he saw Kagome because she resembled Kikyō. He then revealed what had happened to his master, alerting Inuyasha that Kikyō was in fact still alive.


Sayo is an inexperienced traveling monk who accompanies his master Seikai. In his first meeting with Kikyo, Sayo shows how new he is and that he doesn't have spiritual powers like other monks. He is easily amazed at the puzzled monk and the empty scroll. After his second encounter with Kikyo, seeing how Seikai is killed, he flees in terror. The next day he is found by Kagome floating in a river. When the monk wakes up seeing Kagome he gets scared and screams, which also scares Kagome. He later recounts that he was attacked by a ghost of a very powerful priestess resembling Kagome, saying that he easily repelled his master's spells and that her name was Kikyo. Inuyasha reacts violently after hearing that name, threatening the monk. After hearing this, Inuyasha still hopes that Kikyo is still alive and decides to go look for her. The monk is not seen again after this.

Physical Description[]

Sayo has fair-skinned and bald beneath his hat.


He wore the traditional robes worn by priests, like those of Miroku.


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