The Sealing Arrow, also known as the Arrow of Sealing is an advanced technique utilized by top priestesses, namely Kikyō. She had used it on her very first love, Inuyasha, to prevent him from taking the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls and becoming a full dog demon (since Naraku attempts to kill them both as he takes the Shikon Jewel). It is used for demons who considered invulnerable.

If one is sealed onto the Sacred Tree of Ages, namely Inuyasha, the demon's body remains perfectly intact and put into suspended animation for decades. As the Sealing Arrow pinned Inuyasha to its trunk, the greatly strong spiritual energy within the sealing arrow tip was infused with the uppermost-level priestess's own vital essence.[1]

In year 1000 AD during the Heian jidai, a cat hanyō Gorai, Lord of the Northern Lands, who came from the Northern Lands, stole the demon mask out of demon bones from the horoka shrine near Izayoi's mansion, which it has been defeated by a powerful monk, long ago. Later, he came to Shinonome Village as he interrupted the wedding ceremony between Datara and Tsugumi by forcing Datara to wear the demon mask while holding his daughter hostage. This turned him into an instrument of destruction for yōkai. As soon as Datara wore it, however, Tsugumi used the Kamuitama: the Lightning Arrow with the Sealing Arrow, called the "Lightning Sealing Arrow" to seal her husband to prevent him from unleashing his power for evil, even to kill her child.[2]

A sub-skill is the Heavenly Arrow Barrage, which is Moroha's signature technique. However, in a flashback to seventeen years ago, her mother Kagome had emitted a pillar of her mighty spiritual energy to encase the Full Moon Raccoon Dog guardian spirit and trap him within a scroll.