Seikai (晴海せいかい, "Clear Sea") was a traveling monk. He sensed something wrong about Kikyō and discovered that she was dead and was stealing souls to keep herself alive. One night after this discovery, he followed Kikyō and then told her that he knew she was really dead. Even though Kikyō said she'd do no harm to him, the monk attacked her with a spell which she ended up reflecting back to him, fatally wounding him. Before he died he told her that living the way she is will just lead to a life of misery. His apprentice had fled when he saw his master struck down, with the young girl Sayo seeing everything as well.


Seikai is a very experienced master monk who closely followed Kikyo, as he noticed her evil aura. His intention was to reveal that Kikyo was undead and send her to eternal rest. While he and his disciple were spying on her, Kikyo discovers them, so Seikai walks over and trips on purpose, dropping a scroll with writings or sutras that forced any demon to reveal her true form.

The monk asks Kikyo to pick up the scroll, but doing so has no effect on her. Kikyo returns the scroll to the monk, who is attacked by hundreds of rays of light that pass through his body, the monk describes what happened and together with his disciple discovers that the writings on the scroll had been erased, so he recognizes that Kikyo is not a normal demon, telling him that regardless of his unfinished business in this world he must return to the place where he belongs and seek eternal rest.

Seikai and his disciple, during the night, meet Kikyo again, who was receiving the souls collected by her Soul Collectors, spied on by Sayo from the trees. Seikai approaches Kikyo insisting that she must seek eternal rest, but she refuses, so he uses a Dragon Orb, which contains the spirit of a Dragon that traps souls and constrains and suffocates them until they achieve eternal rest. Kikyo, very upset, says that no one can save her, much less such an inferior being and easily destroys the orb dragon causing one of her claws to hit Seikai's neck, leaving him seriously injured. Seikai, still dying, tells Kikyo that time passes for the living, therefore time will not pass for her and that is why the living and the dead should not stay together. After telling Kikyo that he feels sorry for her, the priest dies at Kikyo's feet and his disciple flees in terror.

Physical Description[]

Seikai has brown skin, black eyes, and a bald head with an overbite.


Seikai wears a hat, dark robes that are traditionally used by Buddhist monks with a kasaya wrapped over it.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Spiritual Power: Seikai was able to sense aura's like many other priests which is why he sensed that there was something wrong with Kikyō.
  • Demon Binding Spell: Seikai was able to cast a spell that summoned a dragon from a golden orb he was holding with dragons carved in it. The dragon would then attack and bind the target and presumably kill it.
  • Weapons: Seikai also held a pilgrim's staff like Miroku. He was seen using exorcism scrolls as well.


Media appearances[]