Seikai (晴海, せいかい, "Clear Sea") was a traveling monk. He sensed something wrong about Kikyō and discovered that she was dead and was stealing souls to keep herself alive. One night after this discovery, he followed Kikyō and then told her that he knew she was really dead. Even though Kikyō said she'd do no harm to him, the monk attacked her with a spell which she ended up reflecting back to him, fatally wounding him. Before he died he told her that living the way she is will just lead to a life of misery. His apprentice had fled when he saw his master struck down, with the young girl Sayo seeing everything as well.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Spiritual Power: Seikai was able to sense aura's like many other priests which is why he sensed that there was something wrong with Kikyō.
  • Soul Binding Spell: Seikai was able to cast a spell that summoned a dragon from a golden orb he was holding with dragons carved in it. The dragon would then attack and bind the target and presumably kill it.
  • Weapons: Seikai also held a pilgrim's staff like Miroku. He was seen using exorcism scrolls as well.


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