Sen shrine is located in Benten forest, which is near the park, in Tokyo in the modern era.

Inuyasha with Janis and Kagome hear from Umao and Shikako that demons exists in Benten forest. When they enter the forest to investigate that, they discover a huge shrine located within it. They go inside and see Sen appear in the shrine. The reason that demons came out from the forest was that Sen's spiritual powers were starting to get weak. Sen gives some instructions to let Inuyasha and the others remove the five seal talismans at the five small hokoro respectively after he removes the barrier of hiding. After Inuyasha defeats the demons including Tengu and returns to the shrine to let Sen know of their victory, the shrine would not let the visitors enter the forest again.

Knowing that Sen was bound with Demon Blood Binding Spell, once again Inuyasha and Kagome with Janis return to the modern era to find Sen's blood. In order to prevent others from finding it, and confuse them so that they get lost inside it, the Sen Shrine became a wide labyrinth. In the end they finally find Sen's blood, which appeared to be a small red ball placed on the table.

Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel
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