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The Senpū-jin (旋風陣せんぷうじん, Cyclone Burst, "Whirlwind Battle Formation") is a special technique and the signature attack of the naginata Kanemitsu no Tomoe, currently wielded by Setsuna. The clue to unlock its air/wind-based ability was to "Cut the Wind."

In episode 10, the attack is enhanced temporary from the twin conjoined yōkai Kinka flame after Kanemitsu no Tomoe absorbing it flame to defeat Joka.

Its final use is in the Season 1 finale to push Moroha to safety from Kirinmaru's attack the Blasting Barrage and against him, who blocked it easily, an act which resulted in its destruction and the premature demise of its user.

In "Takechiyo's Request", this air-based attack/technique has been fully restored to Setsuna's highly evolved and considerably more advanced naginata, but is now much stronger and more effective than initially; capable of striking at a longer distance and from different directions all at once rather than just one wind blast.