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The Shikon no Tama keychain (四魂の玉キーホルダー, しこんのたまキーホルダー, "Shikon no Tama kīhorudā") were items sold at the Higurashi shrine. They were made to look identical to the legendary Shikon no Tama and were shown to came in either pink or purple (different from the jewel's real color). As a plastic replica, it had no power of the real Shikon no Tama. The keychains were written with kanji "日暮神社禦手" (Higurashi Shrine Amulet).


Kagome's grandfather handed a keychain her while talking about the Shikon no Tama, but when he looked up, Kagome was using the keychain to play with the family's pet cat Buyo.[1]

As Kagome returned home from the Feudal era, Inuyasha saw the keychain as he asked her if this Shikon Jewel is a "fake", she answered "its a lucky charm and sell them at their shrine". As Inuyasha holds the keychain, he tells her that Magatsuhi was able seal Kagome's spiritual powers because that was Kikyō's wish back when she was alive. Originally, the Shikon no Tama was neither good nor evil it will reflect the heart of its owner, but within the jewel good or evil are constantly in battle. When Kikyō died after they wounded each other, she had no intention of being reincarnated.[2]

In the next eighteen years, they had eventually vanished due to distortions into the fabric of time as the degenerate age came ever closer. Upon the deaths of Kirinmaru and his daughter, they returned to the Higurashi Shrine with the resorption of both the feudal and modern timelines.


  • The boxes that contained the keychains were labeled "Higurashi Shrine Shikon no Tama keyholder."
  • Kagome's grandfather is seen still trying to sell the keychains during the credits of Episode 167.


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