The Four Perils were demons that crossed over from the mainland during the Spring and Autumn period. Konton, Tōtetsu, Kyūki, and Tōkotsu, these four beasts made up the roster. And the one who ruled over them was Kirinmaru, a Beast King similar power to the Great Dog Demon.


The Shikyō (きょう, "Four Perils") were a group of yōkai led by the Beast King Kirinmaru.


600 years ago in the Heian period, Konton, Kyūki, Tōtetsu, and Tōkotsu are on Kirinmaru's Ship as he returns with his broken right arm and left horn and his daughter Rion.

In 1297, Kyūki and Konton report that Tōga has been spotted in Kamakura as he escaped grave injuries from battling with Shishinki and Ryūkotsusei. They want to strike him down as they maybe finally rule the entire land of Japan. Kirinmaru angrily refused, as he told them "a true battle must be won with honor and dignity."

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Rainbow Pearls

Only Tōkotsu and Kyūki were favored enough by their master that he bestowed the red and purple Pearls onto them for their own use. They later lost them when Moroha stole Tōkotsu's red Pearl once she found his headless body, and the purple one taken by Riku the pirate once killing Kyūki with his blue earring's powers.

Konton had hid the blue Pearl in his second armor. The orange Pearl was in the possession of its last member, Tōtetsu.


  • In Chinese mythology, the Four Perils are four evil beasts that are the antithesis to the Four Celestial Animals (who have been previously represented in the series as the Shitōshin from fourth movie, as well as Hoshiyomi's four demon ninjas).
  • Tōtetsu is the only one who actually talks to his orange Rainbow Pearl.