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Shippō (しっぽう, "The Seven Treasures") was an orphaned young kitsune who attempted to steal Shikon Jewel shards from the miko Kagome Higurashi and the inu-hanyō Inuyasha, wanting to become much stronger and avenge his father's death at the hands of the Thunder Brothers. Though his plan fails, Inuyasha and Kagome aid him after hearing his story, and he becomes their companion for the rest of the series.

Shippō normally appears to be a young boy with certain fox-like features which are typical for a kitsune: his legs, feet, ears, and tail. He can shapeshift, but his other forms (such as a large pink flying balloon and mushroom) are temporary and often ineffective, usually given away by his lingering fox tail. He can also create illusory duplicates of himself, as well as weak fox-fire magic and toy-based tricks such as his giant spinning top attack.

Naively observant, he often directs cheeky comments to Inuyasha, usually earning himself a smack on the head. Inuyasha and Kagome serve as older sibling figures to Shippō. Because of his small size, Shippō often rides on Kirara or the shoulders of others. When he does travel on the ground, he drops to all fours if he wants to run quickly.

Three years later following the defeat of Naraku, Shippō resides in Kaede's village, but often leaves to train and take the kitsune examination to become a full-fledged fox demon of even higher level until achieving 25th rank.


Shippō lived in a village with his parents.[5] At one point, his father obtained a Shikon Jewel shard. He was killed by the Thunder Brothers for his shard, and Shippō vowed to avenge his death.

During the Story[]

Final Battle[]

Later Life[]

Shippō returns from the Fox Demon Exam, having advanced to 7th senior rank, an impressive feat considering it's only his fourth exam. He came to the Bone-Eater's Well that Kagome has returned and later he leaves the village a few times a month to become a full-fledged fox-demon.[6]

Hanyō no Yashahime[]

Six months later during his training, Shippō has returned to the village as at Miroku and Sango's house, he was bothered by Kin'u and Gyokuto to play with him, but then Root Head has come so Shippō has to protect the kids as Sango put baby Hisui down next him as she threw the Hiraikotsu at it. Shippō has been Inuyasha that he's been disguised as Kagome. Shippō was curious that Sesshōmaru stands on the roof along with Jaken on the fur that they're protecting Rin.[7]

After eighteen years, he is revealed to have been standing for a teacher at fox-demon school as an instructor for their own exams of being full-fledged fox-demons. He admitted of how much free time he has, but has been desperately searching for his best friends, Inuyasha and Kagome, ever since their disappearance. He is seen to be capable of transforming into a much taller adult form with a high ponytail but prefers his original child-like form, even though he had not been in it for quite some time. With news from a fellow fox-demon named Ms. Kyubi, he casts a highly advanced spell to transport himself to the Bone-Eater's Well. He encounters Takechiyo, whom he wonders who he is, and is told to hurry and leave.

Upon reuniting with Sango, Shippō meets her young adult twin daughters who continue to play with him, even after all these years. He learns from Takechiyo that Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru's daughters are sealed within the Black Pearl that he has, and decides to transport to the Realm of Fire, certain that they will return to the physical world from there. Once there, Inuyasha, Kagome, and the three half-demon princesses indeed emerge; they then make him transport them all to the Bone Eater's Well so that Towa Higurashi and Setsuna can hurry to their father's side in the Tree of Ages.

Shippō is made to participate in the final battle against the Grim Butterfly.[8]


He has a small body but a strong spirit. Although Shippō is a yōkai, his pure spirit knows no corruption. He has only recently opened his eyes to love, but with his knowledge and bravery, his feelings for his comrades are first and foremost. His spirit is still growing so its overall size is small.

Shippō has a strong will to follow through on things once he makes a decision. For example, he fought the Thunder Brothers, Manten and Hiten, even though he knew their powers were far greater than his own. He would sometimes go into battle, shaking with fear, but pushing himself to stay and fight. Inuyasha and Kagome helped Shippō exact revenge for his father's death and, touched by their gentleness and bravery, a dauntless strength and spirit began to grow inside of him. Despite being an innocent child, he has a strong will for revenge if anyone close to him is hurt.

Since he usually forgets he is a yōkai himself, he is often afraid and hides behind his comrades when threatened. Most of the time, Shippō is easily scared by other, more ferocious, demons. However, when it comes to a showdown, he has the courage to confront the most dreadful enemies and dangerous situations. He fights bravely for his friends, overcoming his fears. In spite of his youth, he has an unwavering toughness in his heart.

More than anything else, just being with everyone makes Shippō happy. It is harder for him to be apart from them than it is to travel with them in dangerous situations or to experience adversity. For Shippō, who lost his parents, his companions are now as good as family to him. Shippō expresses his feelings honestly to them without hiding anything which often strengthened their bonds. For example, when Inuyasha fell off a cliff in his human form, Shippō sobbed uncontrollably despite being in the presence of others.

Shippō is sharp and extremely perceptive, allowing him to analyze any situation. Many times his wits have saved them from a variety of dangers. He understands his own capabilities well, and because he is willing to do whatever he can in any given situation, he is able to apply them to good effect.

Shippō thinks he is already a fine grown-up. He sometimes surprises people with his mature remarks and actions, which are unimaginable based on his looks. He once treated Inuyasha as an incompetent (due to being in human form) and openly declared he would protect everyone by himself.

Shippō usually has good judgement, and his words and actions are usually adult-like. He is, in fact, quite young. Having the indiscretion of a child, he sometimes shows a more simple and childish side.

He is sensitive to his companions' feelings. With a gentle heart, he tries to act as a go-between. He employs a variety of methods, like pushing stubborn friends from behind or resolving misunderstandings in his own way. He most often pushed Inuyasha and Kagome together, though he did do the same with Miroku and Sango as well on some occasions. He tries hard to cheer up the ones he loves. An example, is that Shippō transformed into an exaggeration of Sango when she's mad, to show Miroku what she was really feeling despite wearing a calm and collected expression.[9]

Shippō had always been busy worrying about the love relationships between his friends and offering his support, but when he met a certain girl he awoke to romantic feelings of his own. Through those feelings he came to know the importance of feeling love for others. Shippō's first crush was Satsuki, who he decided to separate from since he had been the one who put her in danger.

Picking up familiar traits[]

Shippō has fallen in love with several girls along his journey with the others, even meeting girls in nearly every village they visit later in the series. In one episode, this is pointed out. Both Sango and Kagome both believe this is because he has spent so much time around Miroku, he's picked up his flirtatious habits. However, he is still a shy boy around the girls he likes, and unlike Miroku, Shippō is always genuinely respectful towards women and girls, having learned from observing Miroku and Inuyasha's many mistakes with Sango and Kagome. He seems to have picked up a bit of Miroku's wisdom, warning others when it's best to not irritate Inuyasha.

Also, Shippō's temper appears to be similar to that of Inuyasha, who constantly gives him a beating for misbehaving or simply annoying him. In Fire on the Mystic Island, Shippō hits Roku and Dai on their heads for shooting off their mouths when his friends are doing their best to help them; this shocks Inuyasha, who was about to hit them again.

Shippō has also picked up on Kagome's heroic sense of justice when it comes to saving or helping someone in need. With a kind heart, he cannot turn the other way if there is something wrong, much like Kagome. Although he would sometimes help a guy, he would always come to the aid of a girl. It's due to the fact that he does have morals, and spends so much time around Kagome.

Physical description[]

Shippo Vector

Shippō, as a fox yōkai, carries features of both human child and fox. Shippō is very small in stature with copper hair, green eyes, small fangs, and a cream-colored, fluffy tail. He wears blue sashinuki hakama, a turquoise happi coat patterned with leaves, and a tan fur vest. Having fox feet, he has no need for shoes. His hair is kept up in a tiny ponytail with a turquoise bow. Shippō's ears are elfish; narrow and pointed, as is with most demons like Sesshōmaru, Jaken and Kōga.

Not a raccoon-dog[]

Several times in the series, Shippō is mistaken for a raccoon dog. This is because he is small and has a round body. The difference is their tails. Although Hachiemon, the raccoon-dog, looks nothing like Shippō as seen in the series; some yōkai look more human than others.

Powers and Abilities[]

Fox tricks

Shippō's bag of tricks.

Shippō is arguably the weakest member of the group. Despite this, his sense of courage allows him to help his companions when no one else is able to help them. Because he is weak, in terms of raw power, he has to rely on forms of trickery that is usually meant to either distract stronger enemies or at least buy time for his comrades. Shippō uses toys collected and made in nature, and he grabs from under his clothes, such as:

  • Enhanced Biting: The ability to strongly bite an enemy's vital points using his sharp teeth as a deadly offensive weapon. It is his last resort and does not cause much damage. In one episode, he does an attack called Kokoro no Kizu (心の傷, Heart Scar, "Scar of the Heart") which is presented when Shippō's heart got broken over a girl. "Heart Scar" allows Shippō to see the Kaze no Kizu (かぜきず, Wind Scar, "Scratch/Scar of the Wind") like Inuyasha. Shippō then targets the vortex of demonic energy and bites into it, severing the power of the demonic energy. This attack seems to have burning effects on enemies.[10]
  • Fire bombs (火爆弾ひばくだん, "Hibakudan") An explosive weapon thrown at his enemies. The bombs confuse his enemies with their loud noise, but the ones he makes are no more than firecrackers.
  • Signals: The skill of throwing magic Weeping Mushroom spores or Spinning Acorns that can send signals to his companions through their cries. He uses them in emergencies to call for help or to give out his location by leaving a trail. Although the Weeping Mushroom Spores and Spinning Acorns are used for signals, Shippō has thrown them at enemies in an offensive manner.
  • Fox Magic: The skill to create illusions and make someone feel pain and/or weight as if it were real. This technique is highly effective in stopping enemies in their tracks.
    • Inuyasha top

      Shippō uses the Tsubushi Goma.

      Spinning Top (つぶし駒, "Tsubushi Goma"): The spinning top is a technique which Shippō often uses when it comes to escaping from enemies. The toy enlarges and spins on the target, causing the one feel pain. However, as an illusion, it does not hurt the one although it once results in Manten losing the last piece of his hair.[11]
    • Tornado Top 1

      Tornado Top spinning.

      Tornado Top 2

      Tornado Top sucking in villagers and Kagome.

      Tornado Top: While possessed by the parasite, this variation appears to create a tornado that sucks in even full grown adults and then drops them to the ground.
    • Snake Toy Transformation: The toy snake he possesses is transformed into a large snake, usually attacking the opponent. It is only an illusion, and is discovered quickly.
    • Jizo Statue (地蔵像, じぞぞう, "Jizo-zō"): The statue is able to change its size in a puff of smoke. Shippō uses it as a decoy whenever he attempts to escape. It is also capable of immobilize someone if it is placed on top of them.
    • Hidden Cloud: The skill to erase his presence combined with the talisman from the old exorcist. This ability makes Shippō and anything invisible. This effect last a short period before reappearing.[12]
    • Striking Kendama

      Shippo uses the Kendama as a Striking Weapon.

      Kendama: A traditional ball-hammer toy used at least two different ways, seen both in the fight with Souten as a striking weapon that cracked her pauldron, and in the fight against Inuyasha while possessed by a parasite, as a large Crushing Kendama.
    • Crushing Kendama

      Shippo uses the Crushing Kendama against Inuyasha.

      Giant Mushrooms: While possessed by the parasite, this variation was seen bouncing around terrorizing villagers and damaging property.
    • Chestnuts: While possessed by the parasite, giant cackling chestnuts are seen to erupt from a pink flying copy and bounce around wildly.
    • Stickleburrs (?): While possessed by the parasite, in an attempt to escape after ingesting Sango's paralysis poison, these are spewed from his mouth of his pink flying form. In the English translation the characters assume these are chestnuts, but they don't appear to actually be like that, having tiny tines on them that suggest they're not a nut and are rather some kind of stickleburr.
    • Sticky Rice Goo/Glue: While possessed by the parasite, this was used to entrap Miroku, Sango, Kirara, and eventually Inuyasha. It seems to be one of the tricks that requires fresh preparation as he is seen mixing it up the night before he uses it.

Shippō's about to use Doppelgänger.

  • Doppelgänger: The skill to reproduce himself with a doppelgänger technique using leaves. If a doppelgänger receives impact, it makes a popping noise and bursts like a balloon. They can confuse enemies so Shippō can go for reinforcements and they can increase their numbers for a concerted attack.
Fox fire 3

Shippō uses Foxfire.

  • Foxfire: The ability to create incredibly hot blue (sometimes greenish - usually in the later movies) fire with demonic skills. It has next to no burn effect on opponents, but it can burn things like spider webs. It can neutralize fire from enemies, making it more of a defensive spell than an attack. The flame can be turned blue and can be held in his hand as a torch, such as when he is in caves or dark areas. This is also his main attack. Foxfire can be used as a shield, too. This was first shown when the fur of Shippō's deceased father created Foxfire to protect Shippō and Kagome from Hiten's thunderbolts. This ability also made its debut in the tenth episode of the series.
  • Transformation (変化, へんげ, "Henge"): The ability to transform into animals or look the same as someone else by putting a leaf onto his head. However, when Shippō's memories are vague, it is sometimes impossible to tell what he has transformed into. He imagines himself becoming something much greater than what he actually becomes, usually forgetting to hide his tail. However, Shippō has been able to transform into Miroku without any flaws. He can also appear as Kagome, usually with his tail though. It's been seen in one episode that he can take on the figure of a teenage girl yet keep his own face (with the appearance of makeup) and tail. He is better at transforming into humans than animals, but it does not last very long. He is also able to transform to a pink balloon-like shape with limited flying ability to carry one light person, like Kagome. Although this is not much, it is a big improvement, seeing as he originally was not able to even carry one person. His pink balloon form is also useful when the group need additional aerial mobility. In InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time, Shippō can transform into a blue ball to catch Kagome after he is blasted away. In Fire on the Mystic Island, the opening shows that Shippō could even transform into a faster flying bird if he wanted to.
  • Leaf Flying: He can fly by transforming leaves into bigger leaves that people can ride on. However, leaves can only drift on wind and cannot fly on their own, so they can only be used for coming down from high places.
  • Agility: Shippō has the proportionate agility of a fox, being able to jump much farther and maneuver much more easily than standard humans of his age and stature.
Shippo toy horse

Shippō riding on the toy horse.

  • Toy Horse Running: The skill to turn a small horse into a life-size one. It can fly and is quite fast, but is also small and so, is only suitable for one rider. The toy horse is made up of Spinning Acorns. It can be broken back down into individual signals. In the anime, he is shown to both turn into a horse as well as being able to summon the toy version.
  • Bamboo Copter: Allow Shippō to send anyone that it is attached to far away from him.
  • Poison Resistance: Like Inuyasha, Shippō seems to have a degree of resistance against miasma.[13] This is shown several times in the series as he is unaffected by Naraku's miasma, and, near the end of the series, is able to tolerate the strongest version inside Naraku's body for a long time without the use of Jinenji's medicine.
  • Up, Up and Away: Using the spinning top on a board game, Shippō can teleport to any place he has been. As Inuyasha knew that technique after coming out of the Border of the Afterlife, he learned it before Inuyasha and Kagome were imprisoned.



Shippō thinks of his friends like family. In several episodes, first and second movies, Shippō bathes with Sango and Kagome. The first time Shippō does this (before we meet Miroku, Sango, and Kirara) he even suggests that Inuyasha join them. When Shippō's family was alive, they would all bathe together; this shows that Shippō thinks of his comrades as family.

Shippou and Inuyasha

Inuyasha and Shippo's constant bickering.

After the death of his father, Shippō has taken to thinking of Inuyasha as an older brother in ways, despite the two not really getting along much in the beginning. It is rare that Inuyasha is genuinely kind to Shippō, as Inuyasha's never that good at interacting with kids (and neither did he have a good role model in Sesshōmaru.) He often teases him, such as taking his food, but usually in a "friendly" way; Shippō doesn't see these acts as friendly, but cruel. He thinks Inuyasha is the biggest bully ever, which is why he always cries to Kagome because he knows she'll scold Inuyasha. When he says something insulting, or embarrassing to Inuyasha, Shippō usually gets a good whack to the head. When Shippō was possessed by a Parasitic Nymph he showed a strong desire for revenge against him. The two argue and mess around with each other constantly. Shippō makes regular remarks about Inuyasha being a simpleton, about his stupidity, and falling for weak demon tricks. Inuyasha gets offended and replies by hitting him, or making fun of how scared Shippō gets when facing a demon by himself. Shippō mostly finds Inuyasha an idiot for always running off to Kikyō, though he knows he has feelings for Kagome. When Kagome was angry and went back home (Inuyasha normally too stubborn and prideful to go get her), Shippō would transform into Kagome to show Inuyasha how much he actually missed her. Despite these two always harassing each other, they're very close, even if they don't like to admit it, to the point that Shippō starts worrying to the point of tears and express utter joy when he finds out that he's alive. Kagome has even pointed out that the two are like brothers. In many episodes, Shippō is seen calling out for Inuyasha to help him or even running to go look for Inuyasha to save him from demons (even after a recent argument). Inuyasha always saves Shippō in the end, and in some cases, Inuyasha relies on Shippō to keep Kagome safe.

In The Final Act anime, Inuyasha made Shippō stay in Kaede's village while they went to fight Naraku. He tells Shippō that if they don't come back, Shippō will have to continue their fight when he's older. Although he tells Kagome later on that he just said it so Shippō will stay, it's evident that he really means it. The two does care a lot about each other, like brothers, in their own very way, something similar to the relationship of Inuyasha and Kagome.

Kagome Higurashi

Shippō and Kagome have a brother-sister like relationship. More so motherly than sisterly though, for Kagome always gives him treats and snacks, and does things to make him content. In one episode, when everybody is starving, Inuyasha and Shippō fought over the last stick of fish. Inuyasha ended up hitting Shippō, took the last fish, and ate it triumphantly. Kagome willingly gave Shippō her own fish, though she hadn't eaten anything yet. It is shown that he favors her more than the rest, mostly because they are so close. He usually seeks her out when scared or trying to get away from Inuyasha after upsetting him. When Inuyasha isn't around to normally carry her on his back, Shippō would transform into the pink ball and transport her instead. Shippō is always seen with Kagome in almost every situation, except when she and Inuyasha are fighting; that's when he's with Sango, most likely. He will pick Kagome's side over Inuyasha's any day, as seen when he makes remarks about how stupid Inuyasha is for running off to Kikyō. Also, when Inuyasha pushed Kagome into the well and back to her own time, Shippō seemed to be more upset than Inuyasha or Miroku, and said he vowed to never speak to Inuyasha ever again. The promise didn't hold true, because a short time later he came running to Inuyasha for help while being chased by wolves. Shippō is often traveling on Kagome's shoulder when Inuyasha runs, or usually sleeps with her when the group has a place to stay. Generally, whenever Kagome goes back to her own time period, Shippō is seen anxiously waiting for her to return at the Well.


Shippō tends to think of Miroku as a perverted older brother or somewhat uncle type figure. Miroku is shown several times trying to educate Shippō in his "ways", but is stopped by Kagome if his explanations are a bit too adult. That's probably why Shippō ends up meeting a girl in nearly every village, due to Miroku's influence. Shippō often sits on Miroku's shoulder when traveling, on or off Kirara; he also respects how educated Miroku is about demons and the ways of the world. A running gag is that Shippō calls Miroku an idiot when one of his perverted actions causes Sango to retaliate with a slap to the face. He's disgusted by Miroku's pervertedness, and tries to get him to see what his flirting is doing to Sango. Shippō appears to listen more to what Miroku is saying instead of Inuyasha, since he knows Miroku is knowledgeable. But he almost always ends up exasperated and in disbelief when Miroku would lead the conversation to something a bit inappropriate. Nonetheless, these two watch out for each other on and off battle, making sure the other is okay and safe.


Sango has taken the role of an older sister/aunt-like figure. The two are usually together when Inuyasha and Kagome are having their fights. Along with Sango, he is disgusted by Miroku's perverted habits. Shippō has great fear of Sango when she's angry, more so than Inuyasha (who is almost constantly in a bad mood); he tends to cower in fear when she snaps. Much like he does to Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship, Shippō tries to convey Sango's feelings of hurt/wrath to Miroku to try and get him to realize what his flirting is doing to Sango. Sango is more likely to scold and point out what Shippō is doing wrong, than Kagome is. Shippō is often worried for Sango when she is injured and continues to fight, though she dismisses it. Sango is generally amused with Shippō and his childish actions or sometimes mature comments. The two genuinely care about each other, and Sango always ends up saving him when Inuyasha focuses more on Kagome. Shippō respects Sango's strength and sense of self-respect, often commenting on her instances of slapstick violence against Miroku's groping, and has become accustomed to them, noting "nice contact" on at least one occasion.

Shippo & Kirara

Kirara and Shippō looking on.

Shippō and Kirara seem to have a close friendship. Whenever the group is heading into battle, Shippō usually rides on Kirara's back. The two seem able to understand each other rather well and are often seen spending time together, so much so that besides Sango, Shippō might be the one in which Kirara is closest to in this world. Seen in "Episode 97", Shippō keeps an eye on his friend, keeping track of what selfish actions Inuyasha, Kagome and Miroku use her for. Sometimes Shippō is seen sleeping with her when they have to sleep outside at night. When Sango spoke of what violent things she would do if she were in Kagome's position, the two hug and hug onto each other tightly out of fear. Usually when Miroku and Sango ever fight, or Inuyasha and Kagome, Kirara and Shippō are always together. Sometimes when all four of them are fighting over a situation ridiculously, both Kirara and Shippō have to deal with the older ones acting immature. The reason they get along so well may have to do with the fact that they are both demons, and have an unspoken bond beyond the world of language.


Since meeting, Shippō has come to see the elderly priestess as a grandmother-like figure, and the younger sister of Kikyō. As she has lived much longer and has more life experience, Shippō usually asks her for advice when either Inuyasha and Kagome or Miroku and Sango are having a fight. He stays with her most of the time when they rest in the village. He likes to draw pictures and show them to her, or to just talk with her about what happened on their journey. As shown in the credits of The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, Shippō enjoys coming up with stories to tell Kaede, even if they are lies.


Shippō appears to get along well with Myōga; however, like everyone else, he hates when Myōga runs away from danger. Observant, Shippō can tell where it's safest by where Myōga has positioned himself. As Shippō explains in the first movie, his father taught him to respect his elders, hence why he tolerates Myōga.


Jaken is Sesshōmaru's servant and vessel. While his friends get angry with Jaken, Shippō is relieved that he isn't picked on for once. Shippō makes fun of Jaken for showing emotions for Sesshōmaru which causes him to set his tail on fire with his staff. Jaken tried to get a "ride" from Shippō to join the group's battles with Naraku and he threw his staff at the transformed Shippō for trying to leave him behind. Kohaku later brought A-Un to the duo and scolded Jaken for asking Shippō for a ride as "he is just a child."

Kin'u and Gyokuto

Shippō has been seen helping keep an eye on them for his friends when their attention is needed elsewhere, laughing that the twins treat Inuyasha like a toy. However, he doesn't like them treating him the same way; Inuyasha dropped the twins on Shippō, telling them to "go slay the fox." Six months later, the twins are playing with him, before the Root Head comes. Eighteen years later at yōkai taijiya village, he saw the girls grown up as Gyokuto asked, "How did your fox magic exams go?" and Kin'u asked, "Meet any cute girls?" as they keeps playing with him when they're younger.

In the second season finale of Yashahime, Shippō does a demonstration of kitsune magic on Mamidaira Island, after which the twins play with him one last time; he dislikes this to the point that he calls on their parents to do something about them.


Takechiyo quickly ingratiates himself to Shippō, whose fox magic he uses to escape from Kirinmaru with the Black Pearl in tow. Although the young tanuki looks up to Shippō, it is unclear how he feels about Takechiyo.


"They call me 'Shippō, the fox demon of justice'. Followed by my vassals, Inuyasha and others, I roam the countryside conquering evil demons. Strong as I am, even I have to take a break from time to time, to rest my weary body. But not for long, because trouble always beckons."

"I have been challenged to a duel to the death. Yes, it was just another day in my life as a brave warrior!"

"Inuyasha, are you ready to take the blame if Kagome's bottom gets deformed!?"

"Oh, I knew it. You really are hopeless when Kagome isn't around."

"Maybe I'm just not strong enough to defeat him. Don't I have what it takes to fight like my friends do?"

"I gotta keep it together!"


  • The seven treasures referred to by Shippō's name are the following: gold, silver, pearls, agate, crystal, coral and lapis lazuli.
    • Coincidentally, the common English rendering of Shippō's name ("Shippo") bears a resemblance to the Japanese word for tail (尾). Given the fact that Shippō is a kitsune with a single tail, this means that he is very young for a kitsune and is not as powerful as others, with more powerful ones having up to nine tails.
Shippo Cameo in Rumic Theater
  • Shippō makes a cameo as a plush in the first episode of Rumiko Takahashi's anthology series Rumic Theater. It would be seen again in a pile of trash in its 10th episode.
  • Shippō, along with Inuyasha, Miroku, and Kagome make a cameo appearance in Ranma ½ OVA Episode 13. During one of Akane's nightmares, Shippō's dead body is seen on top of Inuyasha's dead body located to Akane's left. He also has a lump on his head, which is usually inflicted by Inuyasha smacking Shippō on the head.
  • Shippō's love interests were mostly humans: Satsuki, Koume and Mizuki.
    • However, there are two exceptions:
      • In the 4th movie Shippō met the young hanyō girl Ai and it was implied that Shippō fell in love with her.
      • Later on in the main story, as Shippō met Mujina who was disguised as a female back then, he also fell in love for the badger yōkai's fake-female shape.
  • Shippō never changes clothes, and he is always seen barefoot.
  • His actual age is never stated in the series as Rumiko has avoided giving a specific true age for demon characters in general. She has only addressed this, in an interview, by stating that that he and other demons are able to live for dozen's or hundreds of years and that she wants the fans to make up their own guesses on his actual age based on his appearance.
  • Besides Tōtōsai and Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru's father, Shippō is the only full demon to be seen holding the Tessaiga with no negative consequences.[10]
  • His seiyū also voiced Yūsaku Godai as a child from Maison Ikkoku and Ritsuko Hirooka from the short story House of Garbage as part of the Rumiko Takahashi's anthology series Rumic Theater.
  • Kumiko Watanabe was married to Miroku's Japanese seiyū Koji Tsujitani from 2012, until his death in 2018.
  • A major character from Rumiko Takahashi's first major manga series, Urusei Yatsura, is a shape-shifting Kitsune like him.
  • The bamboo copter Shippō uses in Episode 164 highly resembles Take-copter from the series Doraemon.
  • Naraku judges Shippō to be a weak little yōkai, which greatly shocks him.

Media appearances[]




InuYasha The Final Act[]

Hanyō no Yashahime[]


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