The Shrine of the Mirror of Life (神社の命鏡, Jinja no Inochi Kagami) was a shrine located in a cave near the Forest of Illusion and on the edge of Lake Motosu, which was built to contain both the Mirror of Life and the Jeweled Branch of Hōrai following the sealing of Princess Kaguya.


Kaguya was sealed in the Mirror of Life by monk Miyatsu 50 years ago. The mirror was placed in the shrine, along with the Jeweled Branch of Hōrai.

During the story

After Naraku was believed to have been killed, Kagura and Kanna traveled to the shrine. Kanna used her mirror to awaken Kaguya, but she was still trapped in the Mirror of Life. Kaguya resurrected the Dream Castle of the Pentacle Mirror near the shrine. She offered to give Kagura true freedom if she would free her from the Mirror.

Miroku and Hachiemon ventured to the shrine after hearing the tale of Kaguya from a villager. They met up with Sango, Kirara, and Kohaku at the cave. They reached the shrine and discovered that the Mirror of Life was gone.


InuYasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass
Locations: Mount Fuji  •  Dream Castle  •  Forest of Illusion (Shrine of the Mirror of Life)
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