The silver-scale curse! You will live to see your body covered in hideous silver scales as you slowly rot away!

Zero to Rin after she just placed the curse on her[src]

The Silver Scale Curse (銀鱗の呪い, "Ginrin no Noroi") is a type of life-ending curse of vile demonic magic used by the secondary antagonist, Zero on Rin to coerce Sesshōmaru to reveal the whereabouts of his and Rin's newborn half dog-demon twin daughters. According to Rin, the curse represented Zero's regrets regarding Tōga's demise two hundred and eight years ago.


During the night that Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru dealt with the Grim Comet's fragment, Zero approached Sesshōmaru's human wife, with the intent of causing endless suffering to the Dog-Demon Clan and their mortal wives. She placed said curse onto Rin's neck, whilst at the same time connected their very lives by a thread of fate, so Sesshōmaru could not just kill Zero. This was dire enough to have Rin placed within the infinitely powerful Sacred Tree of Ages in suspended animation for the next fourteen years with a Dream Butterfly being capable of stopping the curse in its tracks with Setsuna as its key point.

Physical Description

It initially appeared as a tiny silver scale from an unidentified demon which gradually escalated into dozens of silver scales covering one's whole body, as the victim gradually and painfully withered away ever closer to death's door.


  • Death & Pain Inducement: It fatally weakens its victim further and gives them intense bodily pain as it gradually covers one's body.


  • Yukari no Tachikiri: It would have been lifted had Setsuna used her upgraded naginata's rare ability to cut the thread of fate that bound her mother and Zero together, thus being able to kill Zero and lift the curse at the same time, that their thread of fate is unstable. Fortunately, she did not need to resort to such a feat as Zero had lifted it of her volition. Until, she has sever the other thread of fate that bound between Zero and the spirit of her grandfather Tōga that makes the Rainbow Pearls have return to become her tears, that leads the thread of fate between her and Rin will untie that makes the Silver Scale Curse to be broken.