Curse you! This is not over! Not by a long shot!

—Small Spider Demon[src]

A Small Spider Demon was a spider yōkai that sensed Inuyasha is in love with Kikyō while he's in a deep sleep, and came to a cave and tells Onigumo about it that leads to the creation of Naraku.


After Kikyō and Tsubaki defeated the demons, a Small Spider Demon emerged and cursed her that this is not over, and not for a long shot.

While Inuyasha is asleep, he sensed that he's fallen in love with Kikyō.

At the cave, he spies on Onigumo did to Kaede makes him interesting.

During the season of spring, he witnessed what happened to Tsubaki as she has failed to put a curse on Kikyō with her Shikigami.

The spider demon returned to the cave with his friends as he calls to Onigumo that his "evil thoughts have brought us here". He asked him what does he want, Onigumo answered that he must possess his former mobility. Then the jewel will be his, "not to the mention the lovely maiden Kikyō." Then the spider demon said, "Done. But in return, we will take your soul." Until he and the others have been merged into Onigumo to become Naraku.

The spider demon was with Onigumo as he tried to Inuyasha's groups through the series, until he and the rest of Naraku was killed by Inuyasha's Meidō Zangetsuha.



Physical description

The Small Spider Demon has eight legs, three glowing red eyes with black pinpoints, whole red body with five yellow stripes, brownish feet, and gray hair.

Powers and abilities

  • Spider webs: The Small Spider Demon made the webs right above Inuyasha while he's asleep, and makes silk at the cave.


"Inuyasha and Kikyō."
―Small Spider Demon[src]
Small Spider Demon: "Onigumo. Onigumo! Your evil thoughts have brought us here."
Onigumo: "A demon."
Small Spider Demon: "Tell me, what is that you want?"
Onigumo: "I must possess my former mobility, then the jewel will be mine, not to the mention the lovely maiden Kikyō."
Done. But in return, we will take your soul.: "Onigumo"
(laughs) My soul is rancid to the core, yet it still holds value. Feast on my flesh. Feast on me, demons. Devour me! And in exchange, bestow me with your mobility and strength!: "{{{14}}}"
―Small Spider Demon and Onigumo[src]


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