And it does appear to be either demon or human.


Takemaru in his demon form, after his resurrection.

Specters, also called Shibito (屍人, lit. "corpse people"), are corpses reanimated by supernatural forces (e.g. magic or sacred jewel shards). Specters have cold, undead bodies and, to those with strong senses, the distinctive scent of death on them.


Specters can be created a number of ways, though most notably through the use of magic. As a result, various types of specters exist.


  • Urasue: She was a yōkai sorceress who would raise the dead by creating clay-soldiers, with human bones baked into the aforementioned clay. Typically, these specters have bodies molded from the earth and bones found at their gravesite. These bodies must be sustained by the human souls of the dead if they are to remain reanimated. Due to being made of "clay," these types of specters do not normally bleed when injured and can be broken like objects made of clay. Though this may only apply to Kikyō as she only had a fragment of her original soul; thus it wasn't enough to animate her body alone.
  • Shikon no Tama: The Sacred Jewel could revive and sustain the life of those who have died. Such individuals are apparently unique in that they are raised from the dead with their own original bodies rather than having imitation bodies. The Shichinintai and Kohaku are such examples of those revived by the Sacred Jewel.
    • Since Kohaku had the shard of the Shikon Jewel, he had survived in the Underworld.
  • Sō'unga: This sentient demonic force could bring the corpses of the dead or the recently deceased back to life, and take control of them. Sō'unga namely did so with the samurai Takemaru, reanimating his remains and offering him power. These aforementioned mindless corpses were filled with deadly, liquefied miasma which, when at Sō'unga's full power, enabled said specters to restore themselves from most kinds of damage.
  • Jakotsumaru: The boar yōkai, son of Tōkotsu one of the Shikyō have collecting bones from humans and wolves, so he needs to revive his father, since Moroha, the daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi have stolen the Red Rainbow Pearl from him.
  • Kirinmaru: Since his daughter Rion has been killed by a vengeful hanyō named Sakasa, he refused to accept to her death then her soul has been trapped inside in this astral body and sealed her inside Mount Musubi and he used the Dream Butterfly and forced her to him in dreams for 600 years, until she had been saved as the thread of fate between her and Kirinmaru has been severed by Setsuna's Yukari no Tachikiri that causes Rion's Dream Butterfly to cut in half. After that, the cocoon has fallen apart and seen the on the dirt was Rion's soul made out from her bones and grave soil. But then out it, the projection of her father has come and tells her that it's dangerous for her to leave there, be good and go back inside the cocoon, that she must not leave Mount Musubi. He grab the spirit of Rion and forced her back inside and it move until she comes back to life.

Known specters


  • The term "Specter" is used in the English dub.
  • As opposed to a specter like Kikyō, Rin and Jaken were resurrected in full and restored in perfect condition.
  • Specters like Kikyō and Enju likely do not have lifespans and are indefinitely young. If either survived into the 20th century, they likely would have begun having a harder time getting fresh souls regularly; due to medical knowledge advancing rapidly and non-natural deaths being practically non-existent.
  • A Specter created from long dead remains by the Shikon jewel shards is no different from a regular human (aside from any extra strength the jewel gives them). Though they revert to the original state once the shard is removed, rather than leave a fresh corpse. If the shard isn't removed, they can still "live", as seen with Ginkotsu and Jakotsu being reduced to heads on torsos.
  • Specters created from jewel shards are susceptible to Sacred Arrows. Bankotsu's forearm was reduced back to bone by Kagome's arrow briefly, with no pain to him as he could still move his arm and he hand at the end of it. Though this is only if the Specter has a wicked nature; Suikotsu the doctor was able to reemerge once Kikyō struck his shard with an arrow.

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