Sugagaki (菅ガキ) was a servant of Datara. She had her own shrine in the northern regions.


One of those are keys to open the Datara's gates in Datara's shrine, Janis and her friends need to get her so they'll see Datara.

After Datara has been released and Gorai have returned to him, Mitsurugi and Sugagaki sent Janis and her friends to travel back through time back 1000 AD in the Heian period.


After Mitsurugi and Sugagaki freed from Gorai's control, they will go to heaven, but before she go with him, Sugagaki reveals that Janis is the reincarnation of the demi-god child of Tsugumi and Datara's, and tells them to take care of their master and will meet again.


Sugagaki is very kind...

Powers and Abilities

  • Kamuitama: Or known as the Power of God.
    • Barrier: She put up a barrier to protect herself.
    • Lightning Arrow: Appears to be several arrow like shining lightnings which able to pierce some enemies.
    • Rainbow Power: As Sugagaki plays the koto, she has the power of rainbow to eliminate the enemies.
  • Time teleportation: Sugagaki has the power from her forehead to show them back to 500 years on the day of Tsugumi and Datara's wedding ceremony.


  • Koto: A Japanese plucked half-tube zither instrument.















"This is the Shrine of Sugagaki. I will not tolerate anyone who defiles it."

Sugagaki: "Ouch, that hurt! That is no way to treat a god."
Inuyasha: "That's what I'm saying! What the heck is a god doing looking like a bratty little girl?"
Sugagaki: "Shut your mouth, dog! If only Mitsurugi were here..."
Inuyasha: "Ugh, talk about annoying. God or not, that's not exactly why don't like little brats like you."
Kagome: "Calm down, already. Just let her be."
―Sugagaki's defeat[src]

Janis: "We have to find more about Datara."
Sugagaki: "Tsugumi? No, it can't be...But no there's mistake. That is Master Datara's Kamui."
Janis: "Good. You know about Tsugumi. I'm Janis. People say I'm a reincarnation of Tsugumi. But, I'm not sure myself."
Sugagaki: "The reincarnation of Tsugumi? But you don't even look like her."
Janis: "I... I don't?"
Sugagaki: "But you do have Master Datara's Kamui. And it is my duty to obey the Kamui. What do you ask of me?"
Janis: "We have to see Datara. Only you can open the door."
Sugagaki: "I understand. I will open the door to Master Datara. Now if Mitsurugi opens his door, you'll be able to see Master Datara."
―Sugagaki and Janis[src]

"Tsugumi. Congratulations on your reincarnation."
―Sugagaki to Tsugumi[src]

Mitsurugi: "That's not entirely true. Datara isn't the god of demons."
Janis: "I thought Janis' Kamui have been able to removed the demon's mask from Datara, but I see it did not happen."
Inuyasha: "What's that supposed to mean? Be more specific."
Sugagaki: "It would be better if you all saw for yourselves."
―Mitsurugi and Sugagaki were surprised that Janis have failed to remove the mask before remove Lightning Sealing Arrow[src]

Sugagaki: "Datara and Tsugumi. Something happened on the day of their marriage. Will you bear witness to the events that place 500 years ago?"
Janis: "I've come this far. There's no turning back now!"
―Sugagaki to Janis and her friends to see for themselves as she and Kagome prepare to travel back to another 500 years[src]

Sugagaki: "Hey Mitsurugi."
Mitsurugi: "Huh? What did you say?"
Sugagaki: "No, it's nothing."
―Mitsurugi and Sugagaki[src]

Sugagaki: "You made it."
Janis: "What do you mean. You made it? Does it mean you know us? Even though this is the past?"
Sugagaki: "Of course. This might be the past, but it isn't the real world of times past. It is a recreation of what Mitsurugi and I know about the past, created by my powers."
Kagome: "So it's like a dream world?"
Sugagaki: "I'm afraid not. Although it's a fabrication, everything in this world is real. That means your bodies are real as well. So please be careful."
―Sugagaki knows them from the future[src]

"I'll be waiting here until the wedding day. Just like I did on that day..."

Sugagaki: "Welcome back. It looks like you all are safe. Janis. You have Master Datara's Kamui. I'm sure you understand the pain that Tsugumi went through."
Janis: "No... I'm not sure I do."
―Sugagaki tells Janis of what she saw[src]

"Gorai was hoping to get his hands on Datara's Kamui. He intended on making Datara's power his own by using the demon mask. With the Kamui, he planned on awakening countless demons to destroy mankind. It was Tsugumi's determination and sacrifice that stopped Gorai from achieving his plan. You must see for yourselves, what is happening in the outside world, now that Datara has revived..."

"Hehehe. By the way, Janis. Even we didn't realize that you were actually the reincarnation of Tsugumi's child. But, thanks to you all, Tsugumi was able to return to the heavens. All that's left is Master Datara. Please take care our master. Well, goodbye then."
―Sugagaki's last words[src]



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