This article is about the stone tomb of Tōga. You may be looking for his actual tomb.

Tōga's stone tomb was the stone monument of the Inu daiyōkai Tōga. It is an archaic megalithic building located on a hill and surrounded by many other small stones. It was guarded by his vassal Myōga, as well as a pack of dogs. It was not his actual tomb as his remains were located elsewhere.


Sesshōmaru came across the tomb in his search for his father's heirloom Tessaiga. He was suddenly surrounded by a pack of dogs that were guarding it. He was easily able to kill them with his light whip attack. The rest of the dogs abandoned the tomb, with Myōga riding on one of them. Sesshōmaru had his vassal Jaken use the Nintōjō to determine if he found what he had been searching for. The female head of the staff shrieked and indicated that they were not at the placed they were seeking to find.[1]

Manga vs. Anime

  • The tomb is not seen in the manga. it is only referenced by Myōga after he finds Inuyasha and informs him of what happened.
  • The dogs that guard the tomb are not seen or referenced in the manga.


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