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I'll reclaim my Red Pearl and rip your head from your body, as was my fate!

—Tōkotsu to Moroha[src]

Tōkotsu (檮杌) was one of the Shikyō.


600 years ago, Konton, Kyūki, Tōtetsu, and Tōkotsu are on Kirinmaru's Ship as he has returned with his broken right arm and left antler and his daughter Rion.

Tōkotsu was a member of the Shikyō, and entrusted with the red Rainbow Pearl by his master Kirinmaru. One day, he was suddenly decapitated, presumably by Moroha, who took the red pearl for herself. When Jakotsumaru saw what happened, he desperately started gathering bones to revive him.

When Moroha, Setsuna, and Towa Higurashi found him and Jakotsumaru; they attacked with an army of red skeletons. Moroha used the Beni to become Beniyasha. Tōkotsu warned his son to be careful since that was the demon that decapitated him.

Jakotsumaru attacked Moroha, who quickly dispatched him with her Sankon Tessō attack. Tōkotsu raged at Moroha for killing his son, and bit into her shoulder. Moroha took some of her own blood and used her yōkai energy to turn it into Hijin Kessō.

Tōkotsu exploded and was set ablaze, but he was still alive. Setsuna used her Muretachi no Tsubame attack which exploded against Tōkotsu, and separated his head from his skeletal body. Towa then used her sword to banish Tōkotsu to the afterlife, destroying his remains in the process.

Kyūki reported Tōkotsu and his son's death to Kirinmaru, who didn't remember Tōkotsu until she told him he entrusted him with the red pearl. Kirinmaru praised the strength of the girls and Tōkotsu since he would have been pretty powerful to serve under him.

Physical description

Tōkotsu's full body artwork

Apparition: He is a wild boar demon with light brown fur, dark brown hair, red eyes and red marks in his arms and legs. He wears an armor and goes barefoot.

True Form: In his true form, Tōkotsu has his huge tusks and horns on his head, legs, and huge claws.

As a specter, he has a red skeleton body, with his huge tusks and teeth.


  • Red Rainbow Pearl (formerly): Tōkotsu was given the pearl by Kirinmaru until Moroha stole it.
  • Red skeleton armies: While being a scepter, he was able to freely control and manipulate bones by moving them around, until they were melted by Moroha since she used her Beni to become Beniyasha.


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