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Tōtetsu (とうてつ) was the fourth and last of the Shikyō to be alive, like Konton. He begins to wreck havoc across the lands tracking down and devouring high monks and priests of great spiritual power and virtue.


600 years ago in the Heian period, Konton, Kyūki, Tōtetsu, and Tōkotsu are on Kirinmaru's Ship as he has returned with his broken right arm and left antler and his daughter Rion.

Tōtetsu went around the land, consuming monks that were considered to be saints because he liked how they taste. He rode around on his black cloud and consulted his Orange Rainbow Pearl and what to eat next.

Tōtetsu tracked down the monk in training Miroku, and tried to eat him. He was confronted by half-demons Towa Higurashi, Setsuna, and Miroku's son Hisui. After Miroku released the seal on Setsuna's demon powers, she let Tōtetsu consume her arm and taste her poison. Towa slashed Tōtetsu and he fled.

Tōtetsu was enlisted by Riku on Konton's behalf to lure Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha into his eight field escape trap. He was forced into a confrontation with Moroha when Konton's spell weakened, who over powered him. Moroha was joined by Towa and Setsuna after Konton was killed.

Tōtetsu attempted to fight them all off, but was easily overpowered and fled. He fled towards Kirinmaru's ship, who blasted him out of the sky. Kirinmaru reprimanded Tōtetsu for fleeing to his ship, and Tōtetsu apologized before being ordered away.

After Tōtetsu have been beheaded, Moroha is shocked and tells Towa that she couldn't believe she'd handed over her treasured Rainbow Pearl but she wonders if she can take his head there and if so then Riku's a nice fellow. Moroha kicks Tōtetsu’s head before dodging it when he tries to bite her. Moroha punches Tōtetsu’s head. Tōtetsu tells Moroha that he'll eat her. Moroha asks Tōtetsu that how is he going to do that when he doesn't have a belly and to give up already before she punches him. Tōtetsu becomes unconscious.


Tōtetsu has a proud, fearless, and invincible stance in his desires to consume monks and what ever else is in his path. He has few standards, such as not wanting to eat statues. He likes Towa's modern day foods, and even crushed an entire glass bottle of Habanero Sauce, converting it to flames. After biting Setsuna's arm in her natural state, he decided he no longer wanted to eat the Half-Demon Princesses, but was sent into battle by Kirinmaru. He rampaged during Riku's attempts to steal Towa's pearl, and fled when Moroha and Setsuna arrived, saying he plans to live a long life. However, Tōtetsu was beheaded by Riku out of revenge, and Moroha said that Tōtetsu will not need to worry about eating for a very long time.

Physical description

Tōtetsu's full body artwork

Apparition: Tōtetsu is a huge green beast demon who has donned armor and a yellow ribbon. He goes barefoot.

True Form: In his true form, Tōtetsu has four horns, legs, paws, and a fluffy tail.

Powers & Abilities

  • Consumption: He appears to have quite an appetite, as he consumes dozens of people with no problem.
  • Enhanced Bite: His unusually sharp fangs enable him to tear through many various things such as flesh, wood, metal, rock, and glass with one bite.
  • Air Breath: He can use his own breath to emit a powerful burst of wind that sucks away almost anything it its path, just like Miroku's and his family's Kazaana had by the curse of Naraku.
    • Venom Breath: In Episode 18, he can blast his breath with venom.
  • Tao Magic: Like Konton, he uses a spell to emit black smoke (like Meifuku) that transports him anyway in midair instantly.


  • Sword: His sword is even more powerful that it can cut Setsuna's Muretachi no Tsubame and Towa's attack.
  • Orange Rainbow Pearl: His demonic strength and abilities are enhanced and more effective by drawing more demonic energy from it.
    • Fire ball: Since he throw the pearl in his mouth to make even more powerful.


  • Bad taste: In Episode 13, he got the super hot taste from Towa's habanero sauce, the wood from the temple, Hisui's yōkai taijiya poison powder, and Setsuna's Poison claws are spicy, and caught by the miasma bugs during the fight with Riku in Episode 21.



Tōtetsu stated that Riku is disloyal to Kirinmaru, but it was not explained why. It is most likely has to do Kirinmaru's efforts to save Tōga's life, expecting Riku to assist them. Riku loathed Tōtetsu's interference in Riku's schemes.


He hated one occasion when Tōtetsu tried to fly away from the girls because Kirinmaru was told that he was in danger of hanyōs who are now conveniently at his home. Kirinmaru scolded Tōtetsu and told him to go away.


Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha

Tōtetsu likes to eat things, particularly Monks, and has little interest in Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha. He ignored Moroha and the Monk that she was guarding, and fears Setsuna the most. He has frequently said he was going to eat them during their battles, but prefers to avoid them.


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