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Tōtetsu is the fourth and last of the Shikyō who is alive, like Konton. He begins to wreck havoc across the lands tracking down and devouring high monks and priests of great spiritual power and virtue.





Physical Description

Totetsu's full body artwork

He is a huge green frog-like demon who has donned armor and a yellow ribbon.

Powers and Abilities

  • Consumption: He appears to have quite an appetite, as he consumes dozens of people with no problem.
  • Enhanced Bite: His unusually sharp fangs enable him to tear through flesh, wood, metal and rock with one bite.
  • Air Breath: He can use his own breath to emit a powerful burst of wind that sucks away almost anything it its path, just like Miroku's and his family's Kazaana had.
  • Tao Magic: Like Konton, he uses a spell to emit black smoke that transports him anyway in midair instantly.


  • Sword:
  • Orange Rainbow Pearl: His demonic strength and abilities are enhanced and more effective by drawing more demonic energy from it.


  • Tōtetsu is based on the Taotie from chinese mythology.
  • He utilizes the seventh and last of the Rainbow Pearls, which he talks to

Media Appearances

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