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Takechiyo (竹千代, "Bamboo Knowledge") is a supporting character in the anime series Hanyō no Yashahime. He works at Jyūbei's Shikabaneya which trades demons' corpses and secures contracts for bounty hunting.


Takechiyo being under cursed by Shogen Mamiana.png

Takechiyo is the young lord of the Mamidaira, a tanuki high clan which Hachiemon is a servant, due to family feud, he had to left his home to be left with Jyūbei by Miroku at the behest of his companion Hachiemon.

Miroku leaves Takechiyo in the care of Jyūbei

He is first tasked by Jyūbei to take Moroha to Jakotsumaru's hideout to take him and his father Tōkotsu down.[1] He later brings Moroha, and then also Setsuna, to deal with Kyūki, one of the Four Perils.[2] It has been shown in his dream that Takechiyo is left to Jyūbei by Miroku, to which Jyūbei comment that he has to work to live and cannot be treated like before.


Similar to Shippō, Takechiyo can be bribed with modern treats. He is very loyal to Jyūbei and regards his master and their clients (specifically Riku) with high respect and regard. He can be very helpful to others at times, and (similar to Shippō) can be prone to behaving in the way a cub would. However, he seems to very mean-spirited towards people he doesn’t like at times, as shown from him taking enjoyment in tormenting Moroha about cleaning. He is easily frightened during battle, and will retreat immediately by hiding in a nearby corner, while at the same time attempting to maintain his authoritative posture.

Physical Description

Takechiyo's concept art

Takechiyo is a small tanuki with fair skin, blue eyes, and brown short hair. He wears a red and black ita-mono chestplate, kusazuri leg plates, fur trim epaulets and shorts, red wrist and ankle bands, and a tortoise shell hat.

Powers & Abilities

Takechiyo's transformation

  • Transformation: He can transform into a giant flying tanuki and make his tortoise shell grow bigger on which he carries people. In this form he wears no other visible clothing, and markings on his cheeks suggest where his hairstyle would normally be. He is also capable of transforming into objects such as an oil bomb or another person such as Moroha.


  • Conch Shell: Takechiyo carries a conch shell through which he is able to communicate remotely with Jyūbei.[1][2]



Jyūbei and Takechiyo run a yōkai corpse shop together, and are seen to be enterprising and loyal to themselves. Takechiyo holds his master in high regard, although when it was revealed that he was left with the corpse-dealer at the behest of Miroku for unknown reasons, he appeared to be somewhat distraught at being left behind, leaving his overall opinion in serving Jyūbei unknown.


Takechiyo may be regarded as Moroha's handler, providing transportation and general knowledge of prospective targets. The relationship is not amiable—Takechiyo openly withholds information from Moroha, and secretly conspires with Jyūbei to secure a greater share of the bounty. He appears to like tormenting Moroha about her debt to Jyūbei and making her clean. Their relationship is highly similar to that of Inuyasha and Shippō's. However, they can be useful allies to each other at times, as he gave her information regarding the bounty hunters' meeting and disguised himself as her to trick the demon hunters. They have also been shown to care for one another. When Zero awoke Setsuna's demon blood, she went out of control and went after Takechiyo. Moroha defended Takechiyo and asked if he was alright. After Moroha was wounded by Setsuna, Takechiyo cared for her. After witnessing Moroha getting emotional over learning about her parents possible fate, he asks her if she is okay.

Towa Higurashi

Towa occasionally bribes Takechiyo with candy in order to get him to transport her whenever she is in a hurry. He appears to like her for this sole reason, and Towa is usually polite with him, but they are mostly on neutral ground with each other.


Takechiyo seems to act like a servant towards Riku since he is summoned by Riku's earring for requests. Takechiyo also yells at the Half-Demon Princesses to "show some respect" towards Riku because he is a lord. He is shown to hold Riku in high regard, with immense loyalty towards the pirate.


In The Dream Gazing Trap, he saw Kirinmaru inside Moroha's memories. In Sesshōmaru and Kirinmaru, as Takechiyo takes Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha to follow Tōtetsu that leads Kirinmaru until he has been hit by his aerokinesis that it's first time encounter with him and he's scared of him. In Zero's Wish, as he and Moroha sits on the Bone-Eater's Well, while Moroha thinking about her parents, he met Kirinmaru again as he takes the Black Pearl waiting for Moroha to find Akuru's pinwheel. Moroha told him to stand back, he hide. After the Half-Demon Princesses suck into the Black Pearl, Takechiyo has feared that Kirinmaru will never take it as he took it and hid it. While he tried to runaway, he has bumped into him and has caught by Kirinmaru that he wants to get the Black Pearl, but kept refuse and running, until he was saved by Towa and Setsuna's mother Rin.





Shogen Mamiana



  • Takechiyo can be considered Hanyō no Yashahime’s analogue to Shippō's role in the original series, as a young child-like yōkai.
    • Takechiyo being a Tanuki can also be considered an inversion of Shippō's species as a Kitsune, as the two yōkai species are frequently portrayed as rivals in mythology.
    • Similarly, Takechiyo and Moroha are shown to be often bickering, akin to that of Shippō and Inuyasha’s constant fighting.
  • Takechiyo is the second tanuki yōkai featured in the franchise after Hachiemon, although Takechiyo appears far more human-like than Hachiemon.
  • He is possibly named after the Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa who's birth name was Takechiyo Matsudaira. Also Ieyasu was often compared to a tanuki.

Media Appearances


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