Tempest Tower was a location in the video game Secret of the Divine Jewel. It was in the northern region of Japan during the Sengoku jidai and was surrounded by mountains. It had statues of Mitsurugi and Sugagaki at the entrance. It was a complex labyrinth of passages.


Janis, Inuyasha, and the others battled Monk Sen at the entrance of the temple in order to stop Gorai from stealing Datara's power. They won, but Monk Sen was able to instantly revive. Kikyō arrived, and explained that Monk Sen was also undead like herself. Monk Sen was also under the control of the Demon Blood Binding Spell. The only way to get in the temple was to recover Monk Sen's crystallized blood. It was located at Sen shrine at the Benten forest in the modern era. Janis, Inuyasha, and Kagome recovered it. They presented it to Monk Sen. It was then revealed that Datara's wife Tsugumi was Monk Sen's true identity. Being freed from the spell allowed her spirit to pass on. Janis and the others entered the temple. They first confronted Datara's servants Mitsurugi and Sugagaki. They fought Janis and the others due to them forced to follow their master's orders. The two deities were defeated, and ascended back to the heavens. But before Sugagaki go, she tells Janis that she's the reincarnation of Tsugumi's child, and take care of their master. Janis and the others then reached the top of the temple and confronted Gorai and Datara before the former stole the later's powers. Gorai was killed, Janis returned her powers to him, in which the demon mask was broken and Datara was free, so he was able to reunite with his wife and child as they ascends to heaven.


  • The only way to reach Tempest Tower in the game is to travel there using Hachiemon.
  • The game is designed so that Inuyasha is unable enter the temple in his human form. If the player enters it during the new moon stage on their screen, it will automatically go to the crescent moon stage as Inuyasha will go back in his hanyō form.

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