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Hyōga's Tree of Ages, it steals energy various generations and rituals.


The Tree of Ages (時代樹じだいじゅ, Jidai-ju, "Era Tree"), also known as Hyōga's Tree of Ages was a large tree which concealed the power sphere of the Hyōga clan and the remains of Hyōga during and after the Mongol invasion. It was the site of Menōmaru's revival and where he located his hideout. He would later infuse it with his own demonic aura and use it to help fuel his metamorphosis into Lord Hyōga. It is destroyed by Inuyasha's Bakuryūha after the defeat of Menōmaru. After the tree have been destroyed, Sesshōmaru, Jaken and Rin came to visit to site of the remnants of the Tree of Ages because of his brother did as he defeated Ryūkotsusei.


  • According to Kikyō earlier, the Sacred Tree is also called the Tree of Ages.
    • According to Kohaku, the Sacred Tree is also called the Tree of Ages.[1]


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