Tsubaki's master (椿の先生, "Tsubaki no sensei") was the teacher at a school for priests and priestesses.


He had trained Tsubaki since she was very young and noted that she was a quick learner. He revealed to her the "Tower of the Forbidden Treasure" that contained a fearsome yōkai. It was sealed over 100 years ago by the head priest after it killed many of his disciples. He explained that each generation made sure that the tower doors remained sealed and that it would one day be Tsubaki's duty.

A few years later, he was with Tsubaki when she first met Kikyō. He eventually gave the Shikon no Tama to Kikyō by the Yōkai taijiya led by Shako. Tsubaki was jealous because of this and went to confront her master to inquire as to why Kikyō was given such an important task and not her. Tsubaki's master, however, could not tell her that Kikyō's powers had far surpassed hers and she did not have a heart as pure as Kikyō's. So, Tsubaki got angry and left the temple.


As a priest, he is very knowledgeable and wise. He cares for Tsubaki and can not bear to tell her the reasons for why he chooses Kikyō to guard the Shikon no Tama instead of her.

Physical description


He wears the traditional outfit of a priest. This includes white robes called a jōe, dark hakama leggings, and a tate-eboshi on his head.

Media appearances