This flea yōkai was used by Myōga to take his place at his arranged wedding with Shōga.


Two flea yōkai, Myōga and Shōga, were betrothed to each other at the behest of the parents. Myōga, however wanted to maintain his life as a bachelor. He has been running away from Shōga for sometime. He was finally caught and forced to go though with the wedding with the aid of Inuyasha and his friends. The two fleas were on top on Kirara's while a village headman performed the ceremony. Initially unaware that Myōga replaced himself with a stray flea do to him wearing veiled robes, this revelation came about when Shōga accidentally removed his disguise. Myōga escaped on the back of a cat, while a distraught Shōga resumed her pursuit of him.

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