The nameless yōkai (不明の子孫, Fumei no shison) was the sixth incarnation of Naraku created in another attempt to kill Inuyasha, since the other preview five had failed.


Un-named incarnation

The full incomplete body.

An insect-like yōkai was born in Naraku's bedroom after Kikyō, who invaded his castle after she survived the giant Shinidamachū, destroyed his creator's right arm. Out of all the incarnations Naraku created, this one had the shortest life, only a few moments. He slithered out of one of the pots containing Naraku's flesh and, as sent, attempted to wrap his tongue around Kikyō's left ankle. However, at the very moment that he did, he disintegrated into ash. Kikyō had armed herself with the dirt from Onigumo's cave, which absorbed the bandit's lust for her. This demon served as a preview of what would happen to Naraku himself if he attempted to harm Kikyō. His yōki was blown away by the barrier of earth.

Physical description[]

Naraku's unnamed incarnation

The tongue's attack.

He had an insect-like body structure, with stringy hair and spidery limbs. Given that his brain and ribs were exposed, looking like a zombie or a mummy without bandages, it was highly possible that this incarnation was not fully completed.


  • He has no anime appearances. This is why he has no voice actor.
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