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Hello, my name is Sango 珊瑚, but you can refer me as Sango only. I'm the founder of the InuYasha Chinese Wiki (signature wiki) and InuYasha Malay Wiki (...actually there are a lot, but I'll just point out the main wiki >>"). I'm not much active in this wiki and frequently appears myself in stalking mode. :P The jobs that I mostly contribute are the Japanese titles and images, contains are rarely added unless they haven't translated into English or about games. So if you have questions, you may leave a message onto my message wall. :v

List of English official phrases used in the InuYasha series

...Hmmm... These will be recorded in Chinese and Malay wiki's other languages infobox.

  • Name of the series is "InuYasha".
    • "Inuyasha" refers to the character's name.
  • Sengoku jidai = Feudal Era (sounds inaccurate... =.=)
  • Shikon no Tama = Shikon Jewel, aka sacred jewel. Shards are called Shikon shards.
  • Yōkai = Demon (I know in Stitch Japanese version they refer demon as "yokai"...)
  • Priest = Monk (especially for Miroku), priest only for Shintō priest.
  • Miko = Priestess (sounds inaccurate, what kind of priestess they refer to? >>")
  • Yōkai taijiya = Demon slayer
  • Reiryoku (for priestess), Hōriki (for monk) = Spiritual powers
  • Kazaana = Wind Tunnel
  • Tessaiga = Tetsusaiga (LOL, but no choice! (_ _)")
  • Dragon-Scaled Tessaiga = Dragon-Scaled Tetsusaiga
  • Sōryūha = Dragon Strike
  • Gokuryūha = Dragon Twister
  • Shōki = Miasma
  • ...and so on. o.o

Screencaps of Miroku and Sango