Wacdnalds was a fast-food restaurant in the modern era which served Western entrées and was a favorite locale frequented by Kagome and her friends, who would meet there to eat and chat; usually about Kagome's "boyfriend" problems with Inuyasha.[1][2][3][4]


  • WacDnalds and similar derivations (i.e. WacDonalds) are a common feature in some manga and anime to represent the real-world fast-food chain of McDonald's, which is popular in Japan, especially among young people, because of its affordable prices. As such, it is depicted as a frequent hangout for students, in much the same way it is in the InuYasha series for Kagome and her friends. The unusual spelling is likely used to avoid copyright issues, and the restaurant's famous "golden arch" M is flipped upside down to make a W. However copyright issues don't really apply as the M is flipped upside down and is spelled "Dnald." Instead, another theory is that it is caused by the Mandela effect, showing that the American McDonald's used to actually be called "MacDonalds" as many claim, and we are seeing remnants of this in various comics and manga.  This is a widespread phenomenon and requires closer inspection.
  • Two other stories by Rumiko Takahashi, a one-shot story titled Middle-Aged Teen and her sixth major manga series Mao would feature that restaurant as WcDonald's.


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