The following is a guide for the layout of weapon pages. Note the red text gives a description of what goes in each section. Where possible, supply the coding: <ref name="Insert unique ref name here">source goes here</ref> alongside text as to where a piece of information came from for quick referencing as well as validation of information.

See also: Naming Policy and Writing Policy Weapon pages should be started with the {{Weapon infobox}}. Then, a brief description of the weapon should start with the {{Translation|'''{{PAGENAME}}'''|Kanji|Literal Meaning}} template, then a brief encyclopedic description of the weapon. At most, this section should be six sentences long.


The weapon's origins and creator. This should include what this weapon was created for and who it was created for.

During the story (Arcs)

Battles that have happened involving this weapon. They should be separated into story arcs of when these battles took place. Details and the winners of battles should be noted. Revealments of different attacks, moves, etc. should also be written in these arcs.

Physical description

A full, detailed description on the appearance of the weapon in question.

Powers & Abilities

Full details on the various abilities the weapon possesses, including the attacks that the weapon can use, listed using a * and bolding the title of each ability and attack. They should have links to the main article on the attack as well using {{Main|Title of the Attack/Main Article}}


Misc. info on the weapon in question. Listed using a * at the beginning of the line.


Contains the code {{reflist}}. Any information references in the article appear here. Naviboxes will be added by admins when articles are deemed high-quality enough.

At the bottom of every Weapons page, please supply Categories of which the page falls into: