The Wolf Demon Tribe (妖狼族, Yōrōzoku) is one of the largest, most socially organized, and widest spread groups of yōkai. They are divided into four smaller tribes: the Northern Wolf Tribe, Eastern Wolf Tribe, Southern Wolf Tribe, and Western Wolf Tribe. Kōga of the Eastern Wolf Tribe is the leader of all the clans. His predecessor was the wolf elder, grandfather of Ayame, Kōga's wife.

Yōkai Wolf Tribes
Eastern Tribe GintaHakkakuKōgaYawaragi
Northern Tribe AyameKaiShintaRōrōWolf elderWolf demon graveyard protector
Unique Places Lair of the wolf demon tribeWolf demon tribe graveyard
Unique Items GoraishiKurikaramaru
Enemies Birds of Paradise (Birds of Paradise leader) • Panther tribe (Panther King) • NarakuShichinintai