The Wolf demon tribe graveyard (妖狼族の墓場, ようろうぞくのはかば, "Yōrōzoku no hakaba") was sacred territory of the Wolf Demon Tribe where they laid their ancestors to rest. It housed the an extremely powerful weapon known as the Goraishi. Outsiders were forbidden to enter the graveyard.[1]


The Gorashi.

Kōga went to the graveyard in order to obtain the Goraishi to aid his quest in slaying Naraku. It was protected by the wolf demon graveyard protector. Kōga had to battle it in order to obtain the Goraishi.

Wolf demon ancestors.

When Ginta and Hakkaku were in danger of being killed by the protector, Kōga choose to protect them instead of obtaining the Goraishi. It was this selfless act that earned Kōga the Goraishi from the ancestors of the wolf demon tribe. Their spirits spoke to Kōga and told him that they would protect him, but their power could only be used once to remove the influence that the miko Midoriko had over the Shikon Jewel shards in his legs.

Manga vs. Anime

  • It is not stated in the anime that individuals outside of the wolf demon tribe were not permitted to enter the graveyard.


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