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The Wolf Elder (長老ちやうろう, Chōrō, "Elder") was Ayame's grandfather and leader of the Northern Wolf Demon Tribe. He wanted Ayame and Kōga to marry so that their respective wolf tribes could unite. With this wish fulfilled, he passed away shortly after.


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He was an old white wolf. The Wolf Elder smells of a demon when a strange miasma has descended from the northern mountains recently, that causes the tribes in the North and East, and South and West to fighting. He decided to marry her to one of the strong young warriors to build an alliance. The Wolf Elder had a protector, Rōrō, who lost his life while defending him from demons in flight from Kyōkotsu, one of the Shichinintai resurrected by Naraku. The Wolf elder met Kagome and her friends Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippō, and Kirara as she and Ayame tended to his injuries and saved his life as Ayame tells her that Kyōkotsu is a specter as he tells them that Kyōkotsu came from the northeast the direction of the ox-tiger in which their friends were devoured, and he saw the light of the Sacred Jewel while Kōga tracked down and eliminated Kyōkotsu.


  • He is one of only two yōkai to be a grandfather (the other being the Taigokumaru).
  • His seiyū also voiced the ancestor of the Wolf Demon Tribe who warned Kōga after he obtained Goraishi that he will only once be protected from the power that controlled the sacred jewels in his legs.

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