The Yōkai taijiya village (妖怪退治屋の里) was the home of Sango and Kohaku. The residents of the village were demon slayers. The village also served as a workshop. The villagers would gather the remains of the yōkai they slayed and used their bones to make weapons and armor. The rest of their remains were stored away in a cave at the edge of the village. There was also a small shrine that was used in an attempt to purify the evil within the Shikon Jewel shards.


The village came under attack by Naraku's demons and was destroyed. Most of the inhabitants were killed in the attack except Kirara. The rest of slayers were off at a castle to slay a spider yōkai, but most of them were killed as well. This left Sango and Kohaku as the last slayers. Inuyasha's group found the village in the aftermath and buried the bodies of everyone they could find, digging graves in an open area within the village walls. The village itself became a graveyard and has been abandoned since then.

In Hanyō no Yashahime, Sango came back with her husband Miroku and their elder twin daughters Kin'u and Gyokuto to the old village where she established the Memorial Tower and built a house so she could make protective masks and deliver to Hisui and Kohaku in Kaede's village.

Manga vs. anime[]

  • In the manga, the village was in possession of a single Shikon Jewel shard that Sango obtained from an ōmukade before it was destroyed. In the anime, it was shown that that village was in possession of five jewel shards.


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