Yamasachi Village was a village in the video game Secret of the Divine Jewel. It was under attack by a cat yōkai Sara. She used the Demon Blood Binding Spell to control the villages. It was destroyed by Gorai's forces after they descended from the Northern region.


Inuyasha and the gang had entered the village, Miroku heard from Ogin that a priestess named Kikyō came to the village too, and healed her husband, later they spotted the Shinidamachūs that they're belonged to Kikyō's and they followed them Inuyasha was missing as they headed to the Abandoned Shrine. After they returned the village from the shrine, they sensed a demonic aura from the tree were the Demons of Misfortune. And there, it was a cat yōkai Sara who using the Demon Blood Binding Spell to control the villagers and take them to her lair.

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