Yawaragi was an adult wolf demon from Kōga's Wolf Demon Tribe. She was also Moroha's master for 3 years.


Hachi left the infant Moroha to her, Kōga and his wife Ayame to raise and protect Moroha from Kirinmaru and Zero. For three years, under Kōga's request, she raised and trained Moroha. When an 11-year-old Moroha uses the rouge to combat the Birds of Paradise, Yawaragi warns her not to use it, but Moroha scratched her on the left cheek. Later, a Weasel Man offered her an Armor of the Iron Rat which would boost her power and defense, but the armor as it would shrink and fatally crush its wearer.

She decides to sell Moroha off to test her strength against the legendary Kodoku magic. Yawaragi visits Jyūbei, and informs him that if Moroha overuses her rouge, Moroha would simply become a mindless fighting monster. When Moroha returned from her fight against the Kodoku, Yawaragi was gone, but left Moroha her sword.

Yawaragi subsequently entered a village of rat yokai, but discovered Konton had brutally murdered the rat yokai. He attempted to persuade to Yawaragi to join him, and she seemingly agreed as only he had the key that could release her from her cursed armor. She then sought, and challenged Moroha to a fight. Despite Yawaragi being the superior combatant, Yawaragi stopped Moroha when the latter wanted to become Beniyasha. Instead, Yawaragi believed Moroha should learn how to fight without relying on her transformations. When Konton joined the fight, Yawaragi grabbed him so that Moroha's attack would destroy them both. However, Konton managed to escape with the blue rainbow pearl, and only Yawaragi was hit.

Mortally wounded, Yawaragi told Moroha she was proud of her, and that there is nothing more she can teach Moroha. After Yawaragi died, Moroha cried, and buried Yawaragi. Mournfully claiming that she once more alone, Towa and Setsuna assuaged her grief by telling Moroha they are her companions.

Physical Description

In her human-form, she had a wolf tail, pointed ears, grey hair with light skin, and light brown eyes. She wore a fur kimono, knee-high fur boots, and a thin black knotted cord on her forehead. Yawaragi has three facial scars on her left cheek that she acquired from Moroha when the latter became a mindlessly feral Beniyasha.


Abilities and Skills

Wolf Physiology

  • Superhuman Senses: As a wolf demon, her senses of smell and hearing are quite acute.
  • Enhanced Slashing & Slicing: Her unusually sharp claws can easily slice through flesh as well as distant solid objects.
    • Scattering Winds: TBA
  • Longevity and Decelerated Aging: Despite being centuries old, she retained a fairly youthful appearance.
  • Superior Speed: She uses her speed to attack, and dodge from Moroha's attacks.



  • Kurikaramaru: TBA
  • Armor of the Iron Rat: This armor greatly increased her demonic powers, allowing Yawaragi to destroy a whole swarm of Birds of Paradise. However, over a prolonged period of time, this armor was cursed to gradually crush and kill its wearer.



Yawaragi never acted nice towards Moroha. She put Moroha through dangerous tests, and sold Moroha without hesitation. But Konton believed Moroha was Yawaragi's favorite student. As she was dying, Yawaragi revealed her inner warmth in encouraging Moroha to live well, and not become a savage animal.


"She has a fifty-fifty chance of surviving."
"Have strength in your heart, Moroha"
―Yawaragi's final words to Moroha[src]


  • Moroha previously referenced her in Episode 14 as "the Master" she's indebted to.
  • She appears in the second opening "BURN" with a distraught Moroha cradling her in her arms, foreshadowing her death in Episode 16.
  • After Ayame, she is the second wolf-demon female to appear in the InuYasha series.
  • After Koga, she is the second wolf yokai to have a wolf tail.
  • She was the original owner of Moroha's Kurikaramaru.

Media Appearances

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