Yukari no Tachikiri (所縁ゆかりり) is a heavenly/hellish demonic weapon that appears in the premiere of Hanyō no Yashahime’s ongoing second season. It was first mentioned by Tōtōsai, who had first referred to it as "the exalted blade" and "a naginata capable of severing things that cannot be severed". Once fully forged, it is a larger and sharper blade atop Setsuna's naginata, still keeping its first two attacks that Setsuna had used since her girlhood in Shiori's safe haven for fellow orphaned half-demons, which gifts given to young Setsuna by Jaken in the form of daggers; one of which was affixed to the Kanitusme no Tomoe and the other on her waist which she still carries in spite of her no longer needing it anymore.


When heading to the remains of Izayoi's mansion, Jaken alerted Tōtōsai about Rin weeping, and needing to get to her daughters immediately. The aged demon sword-smith stated that he was heading there anyway, but lamented that he may not witness the birth of the exalted blade in time.[1]

Once Tōtōsai arrived, he grabs the broken naginata and starts reforging it, fixing the shattered blade and increasing the effectiveness of the sickle blade's cutting ability via the rare lapis quartz and Tōga's ashes.

Physical description[]

It bares the same base as the Kanemitsu no Tomoe with an alteration of the main blade. After they return to the modern era in the Reiwa era through the Windmill of Time, it has a strap, and a green cloth that covers the blade.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Natural Demonic Energy Generation: An unnamed attack similar to the Wind Scar, Setsuna unleashes a wide burst of her strong demonic energies to eradicate dozens of mindlessly violent demons in one mighty swing. This is great enough to create a large crater in the ground and disperse any remaining demonic energies of different types and strengths that may still hiding in the surrounding area, just as Moroha can with her sacred arrow.
  • Infinite Cutting/Severing: Tōtōsai says that, contrary to Tenseiga's ability to do no harm whatsoever, this considerably stronger bladed weapon can freely cut objects and living beings, whether bodily or immaterial, of any kind. This very unique skill even applies to all kinds of fate, which she sensed in the threads of fate. Sometimes before cut the indestructible thread, her blade goes to red flame when is about a guardian deity as opposed to a human or demon. This making it the strongest weapon, so far, wielded by the Half-Demon Princess.
    • Access to Infinite Memories: As Mayonaka has been told, the thread of fate's color was gold and when Setsuna had touched it, she can see his and Oharu's memories. After seeing another thread of fate between Zero and the spirit of her grandfather Tōga that she saw him for the very first time, she touched it to feel it before cutting it, as she had to save their mother as Zero was going to commit suicide with her staff. It was these memories that she had seen glimpses of her late paternal grandfather and late step-grandmother.
    • Demonic Energy Barrage: While they're fighting Meidomaru, since her twin sister Towa use the Zanseiken's Kyūyōkon to absorb his vast demonic energies, his small threads of fate are connected to the Windmill of Time her blade had turned to a blood-red as it had against the deity Mayonaka, since Meidomaru was the Guardian of the Windmill of Time and embodiment of the Underworld's very wrath as she cut another indestructible thread, which was nullified by Moroha's recently enhanced sacred arrow. Inside the Grim Butterfly, Setsuna used the barrage to sever the fate between Rion and her father Kirinmaru twice, just like back at Mount Musubi the first time.
  • Multiple threads finder: Inside the Grim Butterfly, Setsuna sensed the multiple colored threads of fate as she must find which one is Rion's only one between her and her father Kirinmaru, while Moroha's sacred arrow and Towa's Kikujūmonji team up to sever it.

Attacks and Techniques[]

  • Muretachi no Tsubame (ちのツバメ, Flock of Swallows, "Scourge of Swallows"): She continues to utilize this green demonic energy-based, swallow-shaped attack from her original naginata. It originated from the dagger that had said to "cut the water."
  • Senpū-jin (旋風陣せんぷうじん, Cyclone Burst, "Whirlwind Battle Formation"): She continues to utilize the exact same air/wind-based elemental attack her original naginata had. It originates from the dagger that said to "cut wind."
  • Suzaku no Machibuse (朱雀の待ち伏せ, "Vermilion Bird Ambush"): She attacked with a fiery bird resembling a phoenix, from a distance during her third battle against Kirinmaru. How she realized her naginata had this attack is unknown.


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