The Yume no Kochō (夢の胡蝶, "Dream Butterfly") is a mystical entity with unique powers.


Sometime in her past, Setsuna was cursed by the Yume no Kochō to be unable to sleep or dream and had her memories of her past erased, including her own twin-sister Towa.[1] Now, Towa, Setsuna and Moroha go on a quest to capture the Yume no Kochō and undo Setsuna's curse.

It was later seen circling a comatose Rin in the Goshinboku as the Spirit observes her with Sesshōmaru.[2]

On the night of the new moon, Towa did spot the Dream Butterfly from her dream and tried to catch it but it was too late.

Physical Description

Yume no Kochō's full-body image


Powers & Abilities

  • Curse: The Yume no Kochō has the ability to curse its victims by "eating their dreams and memories," taking away their ability to sleep and even also prevent Hanyō losing their demonic power during the new moon phase.

Media Appearances


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