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Zero is the elder sister of Lord Kirinmaru.


She was given a premonition by the Shikon no Tama that the ones who can stop her younger brother are the prophetic Half-Demon Princesses, therefore she ordered two of the three princesses to be destroyed to prevent this prophecy. She is responsible for the separation of Sesshōmaru's young twin daughters ten years ago, having tasked Homura to burn the forest in which they were living to eradicate them. As she asked Sesshōmaru how his mother was it's implied they knew each other.


Zero is a mysterious demon. She is quite calm whenever disaster and death is afoot, similar to Sesshōmaru whom she has a connection with. It seems that Zero is also loyal to her brother and is ready to ruthlessly destroy any threat in his way, even innocent children.

Physical Description

Zero is a beautiful, tall and slim woman with dark green eyes like Riku's, and white waist-length hair in two bands.

Powers & Abilities

  • Shapeshifting: Like her brother, It is unknown that Zero can change her appearance to resemble of a human's, like Tōga's, Sesshōmaru's, and his mother's.
  • Longevity: As a demon, she is capable of living for many centuries and remain unchanged even after the birth of Towa, Setsuna and Moroha.
  • Shikigami: When Zero approached Sesshōmaru, he cut her in half, revealing her to be a paper doll, suggesting she has this skill.


Lord Kirinmaru

Lord Kirinmaru of the eastern mainland is her younger brother. Once awakening him from his centuries slumber, she informs him about Sesshōmaru's decision to take a human as a bride, which naturally surprises and disgusts him. she then reminds her brother about a prophecy predicted by the Shikon Jewel before it was disintegrated that will bring about his inevitable demise at the hands of beings that are neither human nor demon, and an impossible entity that surpasses time itself.


Zero has known the leader of the Ka Demon Tribe for centuries. She had asked for her aid in killing Sesshōmaru's newborn twin daughters to prevent the prophecy predicted by the Shikon Jewel from being fulfilled. Her arms were sliced off by Sesshōmaru's energy whip, and lost the gold and silver Rainbow Pearls to him, demanding that he give them back to her, clamming that they were the gems of her tribe.

Fourteen years later, she intended to take vengeance on him for taking the Pearls from her, but had failed when Setsuna had killed her.

The Four Perils

Zero's relationship with her brother's top minions has not yet been explored.



She mentions Toga's youngest half-demon son upon her brother's awakening, and that he will become father to a quarter-demon daughter soon. She was more than pleased when Kirinmaru said that he would leave to slay Inuyasha, his human wife, and their newborn daughter all in one fell swoop.

Kagome Higurashi

She naturally abhors the reincarnation of the legendary priestess Kikyō because she is a mere human. She then informed her younger brother that Kagome, the girl who had surpassed time itself, would become a mother to a quarter-demon daughter who would ultimately bring about his destruction along with her twin cousins.


She has known Tōga's eldest son for many centuries. Finally aware of his decision to take a mere human woman as a bride, just as his father had, she eventually reappears before him and expressed her interest and disdain in siring half-demon twin daughters of all things. She had been searching for the twins who will bring about her brother's destruction for four years, and succeeds via the dream-gazing spell. She then orders Homura the fire-demon to burn the entire forest and destroy Sesshomaru's daughters, making sure that he cannot intervere to save his daughters from her or her brother's wrath.


Since Zero knew that Sesshōmaru already married to Rin...








  • The gold and silver rainbow pearls were created by her tears, though what great sorrow she endured remains to be seen.
  • In the second opening BURN, she is seen fighting Setsuna.


Fourteen Years Ago

  • "It's been awhile, Lord Sesshōmaru."
  • "Word is it you had twins. Or was it half-demon twins. I can already picture the look of surprise on Lord Kirinmaru's face. The great Sesshomaru, known to despise humans and half-demons, has taken a human woman as his wife.Perhaps you should hide your precious daughters before he awakens."
  • "Oh, you remembered my name? I'm flattered."
  • "Once the the lunar eclipse ends, the Grim Comet will appear after five hundred years. You should use your Bakusaiga then. However, as someone who was humiliated by your father, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want your entire family to suffer in agony."
  • "As expected of Lord Sesshōmaru."
  • "Sesshōmaru has taken a human woman as a bride. Just as the Great Dog-Demon did."
  • "At this rate, Sesshōmaru will be plunged into disaster and fall to ruin. And he has sired daughters, half-demon twins. Do you remember? The Shikon Jewel may be gone now, but it still left us a prophecy- Kirinmaru, you will be felled by an existence that is neither human or demon, and an impossible entity surpassing time. That is what will defeat you. You laughed it off, saying no such thing can exist. But thanks to the Great Dog-Demon that which should not exist has become reality. That is the half-demon, a being that is neither human or demon. And a quarter demon daughter will soon be born between Kagome, the girl who surpassed time appear in this world, and Inuyasha. If we do not end those cursed half-demon twins and abominable quarter demon, just as the Shikon Jewel prophesied, you will meet your end."
  • "Oh, is Sesshōmaru going to lend a hand?"

Ten Years Ago

  • "I finally found them using the dream-gazing spell. Homura, burn down that forest."
  • "That is fine with you, right, Lord Sesshōmaru?"
  • "Burn down that forest and erase those cursed half-demon sisters from the face of this world."

Present Day

  • "

Media Appearances

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